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Rhinebeck CO
Rhinebeck, NY

  • project Rhinebeck CO
  • architect Frank Mazzarella
  • general contractor RTP Carpentry / Robert Provost
  • photographer Hyexposure Photography

Rhinebeck CO is a com­mu­nity center with shared work­ing areas and spaces to rent, located in the beau­ti­ful Hudson Valley north of New York City. Host­ing events at this venue is accom­plished during both the day­time and at night, thanks to a thought-filled light­ing design.

The entire space is opti­mized for effi­ciency, designed wholly by an archi­tect with coop­er­a­tive needs in mind. Rhinebeck CO offers spaces for every­thing from one-on-one meet­ings to com­pany retreats. With a focus on shared resources, it is no wonder this facil­ity chose eco-friendly light­ing for their exte­rior.

Inula Column by Selux Cor­po­ra­tion was selected to illu­mi­nate the exte­rior of Rhinebeck CO as a way to invite guests and to make them feel at home while there. Light­ing the path­ways and the gath­er­ing spaces with quad­rant light­ing in the columns helps to avoid wasted light while main­tain­ing a dark sky.

  • The Inula Bollard and Column are sophisticated and environmentally friendly pathway and area luminaires with no up light. The proprietary optic provides clean lighting patterns with no striations. A recessed LED light engine, convex cone shaped light chamber, and matte Black finish provides a BUG up light rating of U0. In combination with the First Light Technologies solar package, the Inula Solar bollard is the premier choice for off-grid applications. The 4W Solar system and 3000K and 4500K LED light engines are complemented by a high efficiency Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge controller. The entire system is designed to automatically manage the light output based on environmental conditions and lighting requirements. Different run profiles allow for optimal performance based on location.
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