NEW!! Wet Location M60

When Damp Location luminaires just aren’t enough, combine the sleek lines of our M60 LED product with silicone-encapsulated components for our newest Wet Location offering!

Wet Location M60 allows you to create engaging lighting layouts with any length of continuous light, seamlessly integrated with the architecture.

M60 LED is con­structed from 2 – 3/8” (60mm) wide extruded low copper alu­minum hous­ing and die cast end­caps. Wet Location M60 provides the flexibility to create individual lengths or long, linear runs with the same ease as our standard M60 product. Even corners and configurations are possible - consult factory for non-standard corners.

Customizable Mounting Solutions

Wet Location M60 is meant for a variety of locations exposed to the elements – indoors and outside! From bathrooms to canopies, building entrances to pool houses, this product meets your needs for a protected luminaire.

Recessed and Perimeter

Available in flanged or flangeless extrusions, Wet Location M60 can mount in ceilings with spackle flange, suspension clips, 1” studs, or rotating crossbars. Flush or Regressed lenses for Recessed Perimeter allows for a truly customizable space.


Rigid or Swivel Stem mounting allow for higher mounting heights to feel more welcome by lowering the fixture to a useable, comfortable level.

Wall or Surface

Wall Mount brackets for direct lighting, Vertical Wall Mount to the surface for light that aims out, or Surface Mount to ceilings for light that fills your room!

M-LED L, T, and X connectors

Fully lit L, T, and X connectors may be specified to create more interesting and inspiring layouts. These connectors are not simply joined elements but rather blend in as fully integrated parts of the luminaire, ensuring the purest application of our philosophy of continuous light lines.

This flexible lighting system opens up new perspectives for sustainable architectural lighting. You can plan your perfect lighting solution quickly and easily, or take your time to create a custom that stands out from other designs.

More than just straight lines of light

M60 LED offers many options to add configurability to your lighting design. Standard Shapes, Shapes plus Acoustic panels, Wet Location, and so many more custom solutions allow you to use M60 LED in virtually any setting.

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