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Thanks to its precise optics, Inula does not emit any disruptive scattered light, and so it protects the Dark Sky against light pollution.

Mounting and Scaling of light

Inula provides a consistent and harmonized area of lighting across an entire project. Choose from the Column (single stack, double stack, or triple stack) or the Bollard.

Inula is built for durability. With both an IP65 and IK10 rating, Inula is perfect for harsh environments. Standard column heights range from 10’ to 18’, giving you the freedom to add more or less light when appropriate. Four individual quadrants allow you to put light where you need it, while zero uplight preserves the night sky.

Inula Bollard is a sophisticated and enviromentally friendly pathway luminaire with zero uplight. Standard bollard heights range from 1.5’ to 4’ and for the Inula Speaker Bollard, heights are 3.5’ or 4’.

Built for Durability

Inula is made up of a die cast, low copper aluminum housing with stainless steel fasteners and high impact resistant, UV stabilized acrylic lenses. With both an IP65 and IK10 rating, Inula is perfect for harsh environments. With their special lighting technology and controlled illumination of areas, Inula bollards and light columns have earned the ‘Dark Sky’ epithet– as officially recognized by the International Night Sky Association (IDA). With an extremely reduced design, the cylindrical luminaires offer guided, attractive and efficient light that is free of light scatter.

The Inula bollard and light columns form a single consistent, modular system. With different heights, light distributions, light colors, and power levels, planners can react individually to situations and lighting tasks in exterior areas using Inula.

Modular Light Distribution

Inula is comprised of four quadrants of light distribution — with a modular design, Inula can distribute light in patterns of 90°, 180°, 270°, and 360°. It was designed with a dedication to Dark Sky preservation. A variety of seven distributions allow you to place light only where it is needed. Selux continuously strives to progress product designs and optical performance.

The latest progression of optical design for the Inula LED bollard is a maximum uniformity (MU) optic. While still meeting the requirements of the International Dark Sky Association (IDA), the 2Q90MU optic improves the spread of light, increasing allowable spacing and greatly improving uniformity of illumination on a path or walkway.

The Inula Speaker

Bollard lighting is always close in proximity to the lit subject, which creates a personal and intimate relationship between the lighting and user. With the Inula Speaker Bollard, it’s possible to enhance that expierience further through sound. Add an audio function to your design without having to worry about where it is placed and what it looks like. The high-quality outdoor speaker is discreetly integrated inside the bollard body. An audio function can supply added ambience to a space or provide informative voice commands. Applicable for places of relaxation like roof top decks or museum-type settings for pre-recorded guided tours.

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Among the Stars

Inula ensures that the dark sky is preserved

Inula complies to DarkSky Internation requirements, ensuring the dark sky is preserved. It has the Fixture Seal of Approval issued by the DarkSky International. The luminaire is certified to minimize glare, reduce light trespass, and have zero uplight.

Learn more about DarkSky here:

Looking to customize your column for your project?

Selux Modular Columns lets you create your system luminaire. It not only offers customized solutions, but also impresses with its minimalist aesthetics. Check it out and use Inula for your top module

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