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Thanks to the high-precision optics, Astro generates no disruptive light scatter and consequently protects the dark sky from light pollution.

Experience the fascination of light

With its timeless appearance and advanced lighting technology, Astro provides a groundbreaking solution for the many requirements of urban spaces. By day it accentuates urban design while at night it creates a magical atmosphere with its pillowed corona and Gen5 optics. When illuminated, the design details of the arm brackets are highlighted and show off the character and uniqueness of Astro.

For a cohesive design across any project

Astro Family 1 and 2

Astro 1 and Astro 2 can be pole mounted as a single or double head arrangement or wall mounted for building vicinity lighting. Sustainability is a key feature of Astro - its LED technology and high control of light ensure low energy consumption and high application efficacy.

Gen5 Technology

The Selux Gen5 lens is an optical advancement that allows for a full range of distributions with excellent visual comfort. Unlike other optics, Gen5 is a proprietary design made of silicone, integrated into our existing and new exterior products to expand distribution options, increase lumen output, and provide a visual experience unique to Selux.

By keeping the vertical maximum intensity angle below 69°, Gen5 optics minimize brightness at critical viewing angles. In addition, Gen5 spreads brightness between LEDs which reduces contrast and increases the quality of the visual experience.

Signature aesthetic differentiate Astro from other post-top luminaires

Astro allows you to choose from Single, Single Arm Mount, Double Arm Mount, and Wall mounting arrangements to create a continuous aesthetic throughout the project. Astro is designed for various round poles with 3” tenon.

Astro allows for toolless access with an integrated push-button latch. One quarter turn fasterner removes LED driver gear tray. Driver is located on upper luminaire housing, and light engine mounts with screws, slotted holes, and quick disconnects for fast and easy replacement.

Among the Stars

Astro ensures that the dark sky is preserved

Astro complies to DarkSky requirements, ensuring the dark sky is preserved. It has the Fixture Seal of Approval issued by the DarkSky International. The luminaire is certified to minimize glare, reduce light trespass, and have zero uplight.

Learn more about DarkSky here:

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