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Olivio offers the ideal solution for all outdoor areas. With three design lines – Sistema, Floracion, and Candelabra – the Olivio range guarantees versatility.

Various design lines, one common aspect: creativity

The ver­sa­til­ity of this prod­uct family enables indi­vid­ual design solu­tions to create func­tional and atmos­pheric light­ing. Three lumi­naire sizes (Grande, Medio, and Pic­colo) are com­bined with the extremely flex­i­ble design. Olivio is avail­able as a bol­lard, wall, or pole mounted in Uni­ver­sal, Can­de­labra, Sis­tema, Sis­tema 2, and Flo­racion mount­ings — ensur­ing ver­sa­til­ity with a cohe­sive look. Each design line offers its own options, enabling designers to create an impressive look that is ideally harmonized with the surrounding environment.

Diversity in urban spaces

Olivio offers a wide range of options for realizing impressive and efficient lighting concepts and individual design solutions within urban spaces. The diversity of the product range enables planners to create both functional and atmospheric lighting. These solutions are based on three luminaire heads with different optical systems for a broad spectrum of technical lighting applications – all of course ready for Smart City networking. Add to this a wide selection of arms and pole types for individual configurations.

One basic shape with three luminaire sizes

The floral shape of the Olivio provides space for more than just lighting. Olivio is available in three luminaire sizes – Piccolo, Medio, and Grande.

Olivio Sistema and Sistema 2

Expressive and attractive

Olivio Sistema is highly expressive and creates attractive visual accents. With Olivia Sistema, luminaire heads can be arranged single or staggered, around the pole with a tilt/swivel range of 0º - 175º and a 360º rotation. With pole heights of up to 39ft, various arms, and the ability to place various lighting points in differing heights, provide a great deal of creative freedom.

Olivio Floracion

Allowing the pole and the luminaire to become one

This configuration results in a floral yet lively effect. The elegant Olivio design line will inspire without being overly obtrusive – enabling targeted design of public spaces. With the Olivio Floracion, pole and luminaire are directly combined with one another. It provides an aesthetic that allows the luminaire to be embraced by the column. The elegant design will inspire without being overly obtrusive. Available in Grande or Medio, its independent character is emphasized by the different luminaire head arrangements. Various color combinations for luminaire head, pole, and inlay result in further exciting, design-enhancing options.

Olivio Candelabra

Reserved and graceful

Olivio Candelabra is the most reserved design line in the Olivio luminaire family. This graceful luminaire concept harmoniously underlines urban living spaces in a discreet way. The Medio and Grande heads are available on a pole in single, double, or triple mount. Olivio Candelabra too can also be arranged in different variants depending on the pole and luminaire head combination.

Olivio Bollard


Olivio Bollard has a modest design of the Olivio luminaire family. This graceful luminaire harmoniously integrates into residential or urban living spaces in a discreet way. Available in two sizes – Piccolo and Medio – Olivio Bollard is perfect for illuminating pathways, walkways, parking lots, and other intimate outdoor applications.

Olivio on a wooden pole

For unique feel-good living spaces

Consult our factory for Olivio being installed on wooden poles. Sustainable raw material, wood is durable, moisture-regulating, lightweight, and robust at the same time – ideal as a construction material for all types of architecture.

Optics and RGBW

Accents for special locations

The upscale optics of the Olivio luminaires are based on the perfect combination of LED module and reflector geometry. At the same time, the deep-set light source ensures glare reduction and visual comfort. A wide range of beam angles with precise light distribution is available.

Olivio Grande with RGBW enables unlimited color diversity. The special RGBW optic is based on a circular arrangement of colored and white LEDs inside a specialized reflector design for enhanced diffusion. Its geometry enables precision color mixing contained entirely within the optical unit.

Olivio GOBO

Precise projection for perfect staging

The Olivio Gobo projector complements the Olivio series of system luminaires as a professional event, marketing and highlighting tool. Gobos within the luminaire allow any desired graphic to be projected precisely and with sharp contours – from classic white light projection and monochrome and multi-coloured images to finely graduated images made up of gradients of grey or CMYK rasters. Three different lenses allow the projection size to be flexibly adjusted to the distance of the projection surface.

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