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Mistella® has everything a designer is looking for an exterior luminaire – superior photometric performance along with architectural appeal for various lighting applications. Mistella® can be used in urban areas, along paths & walkways, parks, public spaces, or wall mounted.

State of the art lighting technology with an iconic shape

Various arrangements can be used to create a continuous aesthetic throughout the project. Mistella® features its own signature pole, a 4” round pole with flats on two sides, which continues the design detail from luminaire arms to pole base. Choose this contemporary option for the ultimate luminaire and pole assembly.

Simple geometric form

Mistella® has a simple geometric form that allows it to adapt to either modern or traditional architectural settings. It has everything a designer is looking for - superior photometric performance along with architectural appeal for various lighting applications.

Design and Performance

Opti­cally, Mistella® can meet the demands of today’s light­ing design­ers, archi­tects, and engi­neers with two dif­fuse lens or bowl options or Gen5 opti­cal system for soft or defined light­ing effects. The scale of the fix­ture and lumen pack­ages up to 12,000 lumens is appro­pri­ate for mount­ing heights of 8 to 18 feet above grade.

Tailored distributions for any application

Performance and comfort - Mistella® has what you need. Choose from three different optics: Gen5, Comfort DG, or DB1 optics. Selux Gen5 lens is an optical advancement that allows for a full range of distributions with excellent visual comfort perfect for any designer needing improved visual guidance and precise placement of light. Selux Mistella® with Comfort DG optic is a white spun aluminum corona that surrounds the primary optics with a flat clear glass that encloses the optics in place and spreads brightness over a larger area. The exclusive characteristic of the DG optic is the ability to have visually comfortable diffuse lighting with no uplight. The DB1 optic provides the highest level of visual comfort of all the Mistella® options. The heavy diffused bowl-shaped lens of the DB1 delivers ambient lighting in such places when seeing individual LED optics is undesirable. This optic is ideal for applications involving pedestrian use, intimate spaces using low mounting heights, and projects looking for lighting with a softer feel.

Dark Sky

Mistella® has zero uplight with Gen5 and DG light engines. This preserves the night sky by eliminating light pollution.

Learn more about Dark Sky here:

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