Sus­tain­abil­ity in a nut­shell. Light in harmony with nature. Emission-free. Beautiful and Economic

Off-the-grid and sustainable illumination

Off-the-grid and sustainable illumination for urban spaces, available when required but can take a back seat whenever not necessary. Solar luminaires that generate energy themselves in an environmentally friendly manner and provide light independent of the availability of electricity networks allow for this new way of thinking. Selux Solar luminaires by Hei have a modular structure and are manufactured according to customer requirements for each individual project. Selux Solar luminaires by Hei work entirely autonomously as off-grid solutions: There are no electricity or connection costs, installation is quick and without any disruption to the surroundings. Hybrid solutions that combine battery operation and network connection are also possible. Integrated sensors and smart controllers not only optimise luminous flux and limit energy consumption, but together with efficient optics, they ensure light pollution is by and large reduced. The self-contained luminaires can be interconnected via communication modules and integrated into smart interfaces and applications.



Anatar consists of two sizes of self-sufficient and maintenance free solar lights

Anatar consists of two versions of self-sufficient and maintenance-free solar light poles that cover diverse applications in the technical exterior lighting of pathways or roadways. The luminaire is offered with multiple arm length versions. With an impressive efficacy and light distribution, Anatar is the right choice for environmentally friendly street lighting - minimal environmental impact and maximum cost savings. Anatar precision optics protect the night sky and neighboring properties from light pollution.

Lukida is an aesthetically designed solar light column with integrated photovoltaics

With a choice of light distribution options, lumen packages, and heights, it is suitable for public and private lighting applications such as gardens, parks, promenades, and side streets. The cylindrical shape of the solar module enables installation regardless of orientation and complements the organic look of the luminaire. With its precise optics, the Lukida does not emit disruptive scattered light, thus protecting the night sky from pollution.

Advantages of Hei Solar Tube

Solar solution without visual clutter

Lithium batteries extend service life

Not orientation specific

Monocrystaline solar cells

Taller mounting height options

Less EPA for high wind zone

Hybrid (solar and line voltage) systems possible (*consult factory)

Extended arms and column options


The microcontroller integrated in the pole is the centerpiece of the system. It connects the luminaire, solar module, and battery - controlling the battery’s charging processes and optimizing the luminaire’s energy consumption with intelligent dimming profiles. This ensures that the stored energy is used in the best possible way to enable reliable operation throughout the night.

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