M36 MRC Wall Washer

Efficient wall washing with precise light placement

For designers who need a wall washer with floor to ceiling uniformity, comfortable lighting, and high efficiency, Selux offers the M36 MRC Wall Washer. This wall washer has a regressed LED that is hidden behind the baffle, creating a subtle presence in the overall design for offices, galleries, or hospitality spaces.

Offering a wide range of mounting options, providing solutions for demanding environments

The M36 MRC Wall Washer is offered with a variety of mounting options, providing solutions for most architectural applications - including Spackle Flange before drywall, Spackle Flange after drywall, Decoustic, T-Bar, Threaded Stud, Rotating Crossbar, Surface Wall, Cable, Swivel Stem, and Rigid Stem.

Wall Washing and Vertical Uniformity

The M36 MRC Wall Washer with outside corners and blank faceplates brings a new style to architectural lighting. These unique features allow for design flexibility and a project specific approach. To avoid any glare that could occur when the luminaire turns the corner, the 3ft blank cover provides visual comfort without disrupting the effect on the wall.

Optical systems for various lighting tasks

The M36 series consists of two independent product lines - M36 and M36 MRC Wall Washer.

Providing the same form factor between optical systems is beneficial to ensuring the design layout can be used all through the project, an ideal lighting solution for your interior lighting schemes. Whether for exhibition lighting in galleries and museums or for shelf lighting in sales rooms, M36 MRC Wall Washers are recommended wherever there are high requirements for homogeneous, vertical illumination.

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