Our Commitment to a Lean Manufacturing Facility

Resourceful Investments

Investments to allow for more vertical integration resulting in decreased product lead time and increased throughput.

Stock Management

Optimizing inventory levels to minimize supply chain disruptions while meeting customer dates for shipment.


Started the process of streamlining our assembly processes to reduce touchpoints while ensuring the highest quality possible.


Introducing our new sustainable packaging approach that is better for the environment and reduces packaging time, supporting our milestone of 95% on-time deliveries to our customers.

Taking pride in crafting the highest quality products
while maximizing efficiency

Advantages of our State-of-the-Art Plasma Cutter

Modern machinery and production methods to maximize productivity

Increased efficiency and speed for columns, poles, and flat stock allowing for shorter lead times

Added versatility to perform the complicated column and pole cuts in-house also decreasing lead times

95% on-time shipments

Did you know?

While we have rolled our our first exterior Lean cell, we will continue to improve our interior line. Selux is making strides to make our facility more Lean. Check back from time to time to see what other improvements we have made!

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