• Melli™


A sophisticated luminaire range with endless optical and mounting options

A family of luminaires with tailored options

Melli™ is a medium scale architectural indoor/outdoor luminaire family that transforms for applications that require strict precise roadway lighting, soft diffuse light, or even focused spot distributions. With Melli™, the same form factor is implemented throughout the entire family - mix and match optics with any of the five mounting types for an aesthetically cohesive design. The Melli™ range excels at illuminating spaces such as plazas, shopping centers, pedestrian areas, or any space requiring high end site, facade, pendant, or catenary lighting.

Melli™ is available with three different light engines, each with their own options.


Typical Applications



Pedestrian Path

DarkSky Approved


Typical Applications

Local Road

Parking Lot

Pedestrian Path

DarkSky Approved


Typical Applications


Shopping Center

Pedestrian Path

Ambient Area

Among the Stars

Melli with Gen5 or Spot ensure that the dark sky is preserved

Melli complies to DarkSky requirements, ensuring the dark sky is preserved. It has the Fixture Seal of Approval issued by the DarkSky International. The luminaire is certified to minimize glare, reduce light trespass, and have zero uplight.

Learn more about DarkSky here:

Melli™ Catenary

allows you the design freedom to position the light exactly where it is required creating the perfect ambiance

Purposeful light and shadow, with mood and spatial movement

When using catenary, Melli™ can be installed just about anywhere that people gather. Not only does it light up the space, but it improves visibility and safety. Melli™ catenary can be used in outdoor retail areas, public parks and squares, outdoor theaters, or festivals. Create the mood or ambiance you are looking for!

Learn all about catenary and all the Selux products offered as catenary here:

See how the Selux Team takes your ideas and turns them into reality

Our Lighting Solutions team is experienced working one-on-one with our agents and specifiers to tailor solutions and give you exactly what you need. This ensures the concept is fulfilled as intended and you receive the perfect fixture for your space.

Modern lighting for visual guidance and superior aesthetics
Light the way with Melli™

Melli™ invites and creates interest
to parks, outdoor seating, retail locations, and urban plaza areas

Melli™ Pole Mount

Available as Single or Double mounted - Melli™ illuminates as well as creating a sense of security.

Emphasizing Architectural Detail

with an elegant, contemporary look

Melli™ Wall, Surface, and Stem luminaires are most commonly for use along building facades and overhangs to provide visual guidance for pathways, identify doorways, and brighten entrances.

Wall Mount fixtures are available in two styles - Direct or Direct/Indirect - and can be used for ambient lighting to enhance aesthetic appeal. Use Melli wall mount to create a mood or make dramatic accent lighting effects for beautiful facade lighting.

Melli™ Stem or Surface mounts suspend from ceilings or exterior canopies to provide illumination for interior or exterior entranceways.

Melli™ Wall or Stem can be placed strategically along the sides of a building, around a dark corner, or in a narrow space to brighten or highlight walkways and paths.

Bring the sophistication of Melli™ indoors
The interior stem on Melli™ is slimmer than that on the exterior version. It is available in rigid or swivel stem mounting, and is available in one foot increments from 1-6’ lengths (for longer, consult factory). The stem is clean and free of visible cords or wires, and can suspend from ceilings or canopies to provide the ideal illumination to brighten offices, retail, hospitality, and educational spaces.

Modern lighting for visual guidance and superior aesthetics
Light the way with Melli™

When you are looking for a product that prioritizes sustainability and supporting the environment, choose Melli™

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