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Lighting for streets, paths and squares all from one vertical line.

The Line and Line Black are award winners!

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Minimized to the max

The design philosophy behind the Line is to radically reduce the complexity of a luminaire’s form by integrating the optics into a vertical line. The result: slim line luminaires that support a calm and clear urban landscape. The discreet form brings the lighting effect and the individual character of the luminaire’s materials and surfaces more to the foreground. Minimized cross-sections ensure elegant proportions across the different column, pole, bollard, and wall variations.

We are happy to share that the Line was selected as a 2022 LIT Design Winner and the 2022 IES Progress Report due to its sig­nif­i­cant new advance­ments in light­ing. The pur­pose of the IES Progress Com­mit­tee is ​“to keep in touch with devel­op­ments in the art and sci­ence of light­ing through­out the world and pre­pare a yearly review of achieve­ments for the Soci­ety.”

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A new column in the Line Family - Line with a Twist

Line Twist - Maximizing coverage and adding visual interest. The circular arrangement of the lights in the new Line Twist opens up new design possibilities for the Line family.




Crosses boundaries, connects opposites

The linear optical cells fit seamlessly in the reduced design of the Line. To meet different application requirements, light output is scalable based on the modules chosen. The higher output modules will maintain the same visual comfort as the low output since surface area increases accordingly. Increasing surface area with lumen output maintains a consistent appearance across all module sizes. The comfort feature option can be used by placing a small optic attachment over LED groups which refracts and adds some diffusion to soften the appearance of the light engine at night.

Line Black builds on the foundation of the original Line product. The evolution is a slim column family with less than 0.5% uplight. Through a change in the finish of reflective surfaces the optical space becomes more quiet and produces less uplight.

Linear optics

The scaling of light

Selux is revolutionizing the look of street lighting by combining diverse functions in a radically reduced design and creating new clarity in the urban landscape. Vertical, linear optical cells fit seamlessly into a pure luminaire shape. The microfacetted reflectors provide an indirect lighting approach. The precision optics target areas where light is needed most and illuminate residential spaces with respect to nature. Independent 360 degree rotation of lighting modules allows symmetric or asymmetric distributions with final positioning tailored on-site during installation for each module. Comfort feature option adds a diffuse primary optic to further soften the visual appearance.

Line Black optics

For natural habitats

With black optics and warm CCT options you can create lighting designs that are more responsible in regard to environmentally sensitive areas. Spaces near observatories, forests, beaches and Dark Sky Certified communities/parks are the target applications for Line Black.

Line Black - Preserves Darkness

A pitch-black night sky with glimmering stars is much more than just the perfect background for designing urban spaces using light. A Night Sky is important for natural rhythms too and as a result for the well-being of human beings, animals, and plants.

All-around lighting

Combining two optics in a column creates symmetric illumination.

Combines multiple functions

Asymmetric + pathway
The multifunctional character of the Line enables it to integrate two optics in a single light point: urban spaces look cleaner and clearer as a result, for example, where two optics in a pole combine to illuminate both the street and pathways in compliance with standards.

Diversity in Color

A comprehensive palette of colors allows different characteristics to be achieved, from harmonious color tones to contrast-rich accents. Selux standard finishes include white, semi-matte black, black, silver, and bronze. Custom RAL images are available upon request.



With the right choice of material and optics, the extremely reduced form of Line fits like a glove with architecture. The bollard is the perrfect tool for lighting buildings up close, and comes in four different heights.

Line is a LIT Winner!

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