Introducing a new addition to the Line Family - We now offer Line with a Twist

Maximizing coverage and adding visual interest

The circular arrangement of the lights in the new Line Twist opens up new design possibilities for the Line family.

Line Twist

6 Cell modules

A creative light column that portrays a delicate look and creates a chic environment. It offers a choice of two light settings: 6 Cell and 12 Cell. 6 Cell spirals around half the column and will provide asymmetric light and 12 Cell spirals all around the column and will provide a symmetric light. Use the 6 Cell when you only want a full range of light on the pathway and use 12 Cell to light all around the column.

12 Cell modules

Line Black Twist for all around darkness

All Around Lighting that Preserves Darkness

A deep black night sky with twinkling stars is much more than just the perfect background to decorate your pathway with light. The night sky is important as well as the well-being of people, animals, and plants. Line Black Twist with Dark optics protects the night sky from scattered light and illuminates urban spaces in harmony with nature.

Freedom in Design

Choose in Left or Right Spiral Direction

Choice of Symmetric or Asymmetric

Choose between 6 Cell or 12 Cell.

Add Line Twist to your project, today!

We look forward to working together with you.

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