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International Dark Sky Week
April 15th - 22nd 2023

A pitch-black night sky with glistening stars is much more than just the perfect background for designing urban space using light. A night sky is important for natural rhythms, and as a result for the well-being of human beings, animals, and plants.

Light influ­ences both human and animal emo­tions and behav­ior – includ­ing those of insects and gen­er­ally noc­tur­nal crea­tures such as bats, owls, and migra­tory birds. The shift from day­light to dark­ness and moon­light and starlight, also plays an impor­tant part.

Bats, for exam­ple, hunt only at night using echolo­ca­tion. Migra­tory birds nav­i­gate their pas­sage using the stars in the sky. On the water, insects hatch their larvae at night.

The IDA – International Dark-Sky Association is based in the USA and has launched an award for cities that is aimed at preserving starry night skies. The designation “Dark Sky Community” is awarded to those municipalities and places which demonstrate particular dedication in relation to reducing light pollution.

Which features of our luminaires help attain this goal?

With all our new products, we offer the following features aimed at reducing light pollution and taking into account the needs of animals and human beings, which can be implemented by cities and municipalities to meet the standards for certification as a Dark Sky Community.

Dark Sky Optics

Tar­geted light with a clear cut-off

Spe­cially devel­oped optics with a pre­cise down­ward beam enable an even more tar­geted focus. This means that no direct light enters the plane above the horizon. As a result, the star-stud­ded black night sky, that is so cru­cial to people, ani­mals, and plants is well main­tained.

Warm color tem­per­a­tures

The com­po­si­tion of light is a deter­min­ing factor as we jour­ney towards sus­tain­able light­ing. Living organ­isms are highly sensitive to spec­tral com­po­si­tions of elec­tro­mag­netic radi­a­tion in the vis­i­ble range, many of them to blue light in par­tic­u­lar. The spec­trum used should there­fore min­imize short-wave light (blue/​violet) as much as pos­si­ble. The rec­om­men­da­tion is to install street lights with max­i­mum 3000K.

The lower the color tem­per­a­ture, the more warm tones the light will have, and the less impact it will thus have on the animal king­dom. Wher­ever light­ing and urban devel­op­ment impinge on the habi­tat of sen­si­tive or endan­gered ani­mals, the rec­om­men­da­tion is to use < 2700K or Amber color tone.

Reduced light inten­sity

Light should be no brighter than it needs to be. Where pos­si­ble, nor­ma­tive spec­i­fi­ca­tions should not be exceeded. Illu­mi­nated sur­faces also play a role: some mate­ri­als reflect more light back into the night sky than others. Every last detail counts here — we design our luminaires to consider any light that might hit their pole, and work to reduce it.

Con­trolled light­ing

Light that adapts to the cir­cum­stances: it’s there when you need it and not when you don’t. Light­ing should be oper­a­tional accord­ing to use. Motion sen­sors or timer con­trols ensure light is pro­vided at the right time, and is oth­er­wise dimmed or switched off com­pletely.

At a glance
Which types of lighting protects the dark sky?

Indirect lighting over surfaces such as façades enables atmospheric effects and avoids excessive radiation from the directional light.

Precision floodlight
Surfaces that are illuminated with sharp contours also offer the possibility of illuminating buildings without generating too much stray light. Entrances, signs, and architectural highlights thus remain safely and efficiently illuminated at night.

Grazing light
Grazing light as a further option for light can, if directed clearly downwards, provide visual accents while being applied directly to the relevant surface - and avoid light pollution in the process.

Shielded lighting
Luminaires that are well shielded avoid radiation in the direction of the night sky. Suitable housing shapes can be found for functional but also decorative applications.

Special optics
To visually achieve the appearance of elegance, suitable special optics that direct the light without a visible housing can be used.

Our products - design accents during the day, magic for the city at night under a sky full of stars

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