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Versatility meets beauty. With Modular Columns, we have created a configurable system luminaire that not only offers customized solutions, but also impresses with its minimalist aesthetics.

The urban light with smart city features

Solv­ing the issue of visual clut­ter – Selux Mod­u­lar Columns inte­grate a wide range of unique opti­cal sys­tems and high-end camera or speaker options. All com­po­nents are housed com­pletely inside the Ø8” extruded column body, so your column still looks like a clean archi­tec­tural ele­ment. It is pos­si­ble for a single Mod­u­lar Column to pro­vide the same func­tion of three or more indi­vid­u­ally mounted prod­ucts. Clean­ing up a site light­ing plan pre­vents dis­trac­tion from the archi­tec­tural and land­scape design fea­tures, giving your project a more pro­fes­sional look.

Top Modules from left to right:

Corral® LED

Exelia Gen5 LED



Exelia with Tritec

Learn more about the luminaires of these top modules here:

Modular Columns brings a new dimension of versatility

Build a module specific to your needs

Twin Spot Module
The Twin Spot Module enables the creation of intimate settings or precise spotlighting of important objects, monuments, or landmarks. Spot or Medium beam distributions are available, along with a variety of accessories including Honeycomb Louver, Linear Spread Lens, Colored Glass, and Diffuse Glass. Use the ±45° tilt adjustment or the ±60° rotational adjustment for flexible aiming.

Facade Module
The Facade Module has beed specially developed to ensure precise illumination for all types of architecture. The powerful module guarantees an optimum surface beam rising from minimal light points and uniform illumination of large areas from one location. With twenty different distributions, the Facade Module provides plenty of options for a complete solution.

The Façade Module has a visually quiet source luminance as the light is side emitting; the light is aimed at the reflector and redirected as useful illumination.

With 20 distributions available, you can provide lighting tailored to almost any type of building facade. Combine more than one Facade Module within a single Modular Column to mix distributions and provide an additional range of possible lighting solutions.

Modular Design Void
Lighten up the feel of the landscape space even more with our Design Void. Select from two sizes and feel free to place this design feature almost anywhere in the modular column.

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