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Thanks to the high-precision optics, Ouray™ generates no disruptive light scatter and consequently protects the night sky from light pollution.

Sleek and Functional

Ouray™ is available in three sizes - Ouray™ 400 (small), Ouray™ 500 (medium), and Ouray™ 600 (large). Built around the proprietary Gen5 light engine platform, Ouray™ boasts a full range of unique optical distributions with backlight control feature, custom distribution possibilities, and a fully diffuse comfort option.

Gen5 Optics

The Selux Gen5 lens is an optical advancement that allows for a full range of distributions with excellent visual comfort. Unlike other optics, Gen5 is a proprietary design made of silicone, integrated into our existing and new exterior products to expand distribution options, increase lumen output and provide a comfortable visual experience unique to Selux. By keeping the vertical maximum intensity angle below 69°, Gen5 optics minimize brightness at critical viewing angles. In addition, Gen5 spreads brightness between LEDs which reduces contrast and increases the quality of the visual experience.


Ouray™ is available with many mounting bracket options, designed for nearly any installation type and ready to adapt to any situation:

Round or square poles

Wall mount for recessed or surface wiring

Slip fitter for retrofits

Custom configurations with Selux sistema mounting

Advanced technical arm which provides full ± 90° tilt in one position or 180° of swivel in the other

Flexibility in Mounting

Ouray™ is available with a Single Short Arm, Double Short Arm, Single Pole Adaptor, Single Long Arm, or Double Long Arm, all used for pole top mounting. Combine any of these mountings with the adjustable arms for added flexiblity. The sistema mount feature is ideal for lighting both roadway and pathway.

Performance in Harsh Environment

Housing made from low copper marine-grade aluminum, UV resistant one-piece silicone gasket, Tiger Drylac certified powder coat finish, IP65, IK10 impact-resistance rating, low EPA for high wind speed areas, suitable for ambient temparatures of -40°C to +40°C.

Projector Mounting

Create visual interest with a wall mounted Ouray™ with plane projector optics, and uniformly light canopies, ceilings, and exterior structures.

Among the Stars

Ouray™ ensuring the dark sky is preserved

Ouray™ complies to DarkSky requirements, ensuring the dark sky is preserved. It has the Fixture Seal of Approval issued by the DarkSky International. The luminaire is certified to minimize glare, reduce light trespass, and have zero uplight.

Learn more about DarkSky here:

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