Olivio Gobo for the architectural lighting
of a newly designed square


Lighting of the Place du Commerce in Plaisir

Plaisir, France

The Place du Commerce in the northern French municipality of Plaisir has not yet been highlighted in terms of its lighting. However, within the framework of an extensive revitalization endeavor aimed at reimagining the square as a gathering spot for students, parents, and merchants, a remarkable addition has emerged: a captivating floral lighting design. Crafted by Jean-Yves Soetinck of the L'Acte Lumière agency, this new architectural illumination infuses the square with a unique ambiance.

Originally, Place du Commerce, nestled amidst residential complexes, languished as a neglected commercial area. The initial topographical disparities, which fragmented the space, have now given way to a level, pedestrian-friendly, verdant expanse. This bold landscaping intervention, evocative of flower petals, has revitalized the public realm, reinstating pedestrians as integral participants within a harmonious shared environment.

client Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines

lighting designer L’Acte Lumière – Jean-Yves Soetinck

photographer Xavier Boymond

product Olivio

special features Olivio Gobo

As night falls, the floral lighting display comes to life as soon as the public lights flicker on. Integrated seamlessly into the square's functional lighting scheme, this illumination gracefully transitions at midnight to ambient lighting, ensuring safety and warmth until the public lights dim at 1:30 a.m.
Lighting designer Jean-Yves Soetinck collaborated with Selux to realize his vision using Olivio and Olivio Gobo luminaires. He explains, "The nocturnal transformation of Place du Commerce injects a fresh vitality into the neighborhood, blending a distinctive identity with practical functionalities.

By day, the landscaping endeavors to soften the square's mineral essence, creating verdant oases amidst the urban landscape. To offer residents a unique and enchanting nighttime experience, we opted for a poetic and subtle approach to illumination during the early hours of the evening, extending the allure of the green enclaves. Leveraging gobo projectors, we project expansive images, playing with visual perspectives that oscillate between intimacy and vastness."

The Olivio Gobo projector complements the Olivio series of system luminaires as a professional highlighting tool and enables precise projection for perfect staging.


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