Find out more about the luminaires that are compatible with Gobo and how they work.

Precise projection – perfect light scene

Premium-quality projection technology for graphic light scenes.

With its custom gobos and optics systems, the Olivio Gobo spotlight enables a diverse range of fascinating projections in public spaces. There are no limits to creativity.

The Gobo spotlight is compatible with the Olivio Grande luminaires.

Logos, graphics, texts, and photographs can be projected for your target audience to achieve maximum impact and are projected in maximum quality. Bright, multi colored images – even in fine colour shades ­– ensure maximum attention where you direct. The custom gobos are highly durable even when in permanent professional use and retain their color well over many years.

The contours of sculptures can be set precisely in scene regardless of their shape. Architectural elements and structures can be sharply contoured, overdrawn, or have additional elements added.

Three Distributions

Narrow Spot (19º)

A narrow spot lens with a large focal length enables a smaller projection with more intensive light. Narrow spot lenses enable bright projections across large distances.

Medium Spot (25º)

A medium spot focal length is suitable for most situations.

Wide Spot (30º)

A wide-angle lens increases the subject. The light quantity is distributed over a larger area and the projection appears darker.

Is Gobo the right fit for your project?

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