St. Remigius

Ingelheim, Germany

The history of St. Remigius Catholic Church in Lower Ingelheim stretches back to the early Middle Ages. First mentioned in historical records dating from 822, a late Romanesque tower was added to the church in the 12th century and still defines the church’s appearance today. The outside grounds of the church have now been redesigned according to the plans of the landscape architects at Bierbaum.Eichele, the objective of which was to provide a suitable setting for St. Remigius’ Church as it is used today and to stress its importance as a spiritual centre over the centuries. A clear structure and reduction to the essentials were key to this planning.

The outcome is an attractive space in which to spend time, incorporating a lime tree as a historical reference since, in days gone, by justice was dispensed under lime trees. In order to enliven the space during the dark evening hours, Elo light columns and bollard luminaires have been erect-ed along the paths of this church yard, the light quality from the 4-metre-high light columns and the 1-metre-high bollard lighting ensuring safety and guidance at night. The double Tritec optic provides lighting accents without impairing the natural beauty of the surroundings while the min-imalist design language of the Elo blends harmoniously into the architectural context. immersing the church and its courtyard in a whole new light.

landscape architect Sebastian Pertsch, Bierbaum. Aichele Landschaftsarchitekten, Frankfurt a.M.

photographer Markus Bollen

product Elo Light Column

feautures Elo light column with double Tritec optic, asymmetrical, silver, light colour: 3000 K, Elo bollard, asymmm. and symmetrical, 3000 K

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