800 5th Avenue

Seattle, Washington

800 5th Avenue Reposition located in Seattle, Washington is the perfect modern day office space. Its human scaled sensibility eliminates the oversized proportions we see across the country. This makes for a warm and comfortable environment, helping stimulate creativity.
The vibrant and modern design of 800 5th Avenue separates it from other workspaces across the country. White oak and exposed steel help to add warmth to the office, as well as Selux Lanova Catenary exterior lighting.

Enhancing the experience is a revised lobby, fitness center, and courtyard spaces. The courtyard is a large gathering space with multiple spots, adding to the inviting environment. With features like these, 800 Fifth Avenue creates a vibrant and inviting atmosphere for workers, visitors, and residents.

Selux Lanova Catenary is the perfect option for a welcoming environment like this. Allowing for endless amounts of freedom, Lanova Catenary leaves room to position the light exactly where it is needed to create the perfect ambiance while freeing up the area of additional poles.

architect Olson Kunndig Architect

contractor Titan Electric

lighting designer Niteo

photographer Aron Leitz

agent Pacific Lighting Systems

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