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MassPort Waterfront Transportation Center

  • project MassPort Waterfront Transportation Center
  • architect Fennick McCredie Architecture | Boston, MA
  • lighting designer Lumen Studio | Lowell, MA
  • electrical planning RDK Engineers | Boston, MA
  • photographer David Pires Photography
  • representation Apex Lighting Solutions

The Mass­a­chu­setts Port Author­ity (Mass­Port) project cre­ated a unique park­ing garage that allows for ample park­ing while pro­vid­ing a user expe­ri­ence that ties into the urban feel­ing of the South Boston Water­front Dis­trict. The South Boston Water­front Trans­porta­tion Center (SBWTC) includes a multi-level park­ing garage with approx­i­mately 1,500 park­ing spaces that is built over the I-90 tunnel struc­ture that was part of the Cen­tral Artery and Tunnel Project.

The light­ing is a cru­cial part to both the user expe­ri­ence as well as the safety pro­vided by this project. Olivio Sis­tema was selected for the open areas, allow­ing Olivio heads to be aimed where the designer chose – this cre­ates a well-lit, inter­est­ing design for trav­el­ers.

Custom Wet Loca­tion M100 LEDs in square poles and bol­lards allow for safety light­ing that is sub­jected to the ele­ments. Lining the walk­ways in the garage, the poles and bol­lards create a well-lit envi­ron­ment that pro­vides a feel­ing of secu­rity to all who pass.

  • Olivio is an impressive, highly efficient lighting concept for urban living environments. The versatility of this product family enables individual design solutions to create functional and atmospheric lighting. Three luminaire sizes (Grande, Medio, and Piccolo) are combined with the extremely flexible Universal Mount design. Olivio is available as a Bollard, or Universal, Candelabra, Sistema, Sistema 2, and Floracion mountings — ensuring versatility with a cohesive look. Olivio Grande is available with an RGBW light engine or a Gobo projector, allowing for further customization choices for your project. Olivio Medio is also available as a Solar solution, expanding its usage to remote, off-grid locations.
  • M100 LED is constructed from 3-15/16" (100mm) wide extruded low copper aluminum housing and die cast endcaps · Exact cut lengths, lit corners, and project-specific Configurations may be specified · Impact-resistant lenses offer controlled lighting, protect against dust, and ensure high luminaire efficiency · Modular design allows for easy access to optical chamber · Available with LED Optimized White acrylic lens, Clear lens with Microprism inlay, or (Direct only) Symmetric LMO lens, 5° Asymmetric LMO lens, 20° Asymmetric LMO lens, and Batwing LMO. Selux offers multiple LED options including LEDs in static 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, or 4000K CCTs at 80+ and 90+ CRI, My White tunable white in 2700K - 6500K at 90+ CRI, BIOS SkyBlue® Technology at 83+ CRI, and RGBW. All LED options are within a 3-step MacAdam ellipse. Custom lumen outputs are also available upon request. M100 LED Regressed lighting offers the advantages a hidden light source and energy efficiency. Regressed lighting attractively fits into any kind of ceiling and can be applied for commercial, retail, and various other applications to transform general lighting into something special.
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