Taking on a new form, the M-Series LED prod­uct range is avail­able in stan­dard geometric shapes. Direct and Recessed fix­tures in M36, M60, and M100 are avail­able in Square, Rec­tan­gle, Tri­an­gle, Hexa­gon, X and Y shapes with 1’, 2’, 3’, or 4’ leg lengths. Other shapes and sizes are available upon request.

Mix and match to create unique light­ing pat­terns!




X and Y


We have many standard shapes and sizes to offer, but if your project calls
for a custom look to grab attention and stand out, we can help realize
your design with our in-house custom design team.

Contact us for your possibilities, or check out our Inspirations page for past projects.

Light around the corner

M-LED adds dimension to design creativity. Uniformly illuminated, L-, X-, Y-, and T- shapes are available to create grid layouts with horizontal and vertical lines of light. These angles are not simply joined elements, they blend in a fully integrated parts of the luminaire, ensureing the purest application of its philosophy of continuous lines of light.

See how the Selux Team takes your ideas and turns them into reality

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Is M-LED Shapes the right solution for your project? We can help you bring your visions to life.

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