M60 Shapes Acoustic

Sound absorb­ing lumi­naires go beyond the need for qual­ity of light­ing and extend into a world of sound con­trol. With M60 Shapes Acoustic, expect the same qual­ity of light and opti­cal per­for­mance with the added func­tion­al­ity of sound absorp­tion.

Excellent lighting with acoustic comfort all in one luminaire

Use M60 Shapes Acoustic to pro­vide an enjoy­able audi­ble expe­ri­ence and a visu­ally strik­ing space. Improve the archi­tec­tural envi­ron­ment for occu­pants by reduc­ing noise and sound reflect­ing sur­faces. Not only do the acousti­c lumi­naires absorb sound, but they ele­vate the over­all look of the space with var­i­ous shapes, mate­ri­als, and colors.

As open ceil­ings and sound reflect­ing ceil­ings have become more preva­lent in modern spaces, there is more demand for lumi­naires like the M60 Shapes Acoustic.

Exceptional quality of light

M60 lighting combines advanced technology with sustainable solutions. Mounting options include surface mount, pendant cable, and swivel or rigid stem for the Shapes Acoustic range.

LED Optimized White Lens or Clear Lens with Microprism provide an exceptional quality of light and are ideal for general architectural lighting applications.


We have many standard shapes and sizes to offer, but if your project calls for a custom look to grab attention and stand out, we can help realize your design with our in-house custom design team.

Contact us for your possibilities, or check out our Inspirations page for past projects.

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