Time to think anew. The conversion of sunlight into electric energy through photovoltaics is becoming increasingly important. Solar electricity is not only sustainable from an ecological point of view, it is now also competitive and economical. Solar luminaires generate their own energy in an environmentally-friendly way - independent of existing power grids.

Sus­tain­abil­ity in a nut­shell
Solar prod­ucts are great for use in most areas of the world. Typ­i­cally, more energy is gen­er­ated than is required from these prod­ucts. Our solar lumi­naires have an intel­li­gent con­trol system for light and bat­tery. In the months with less sun­light, a microcontroller’s algo­rithm ensures opti­mum energy man­age­ment.

Gentle on nature. Aes­thetic and effi­cient
Selux solar lumi­naires have a mod­u­lar design and can be oper­ated com­pletely inde­pen­dently: elec­tric­ity and devel­op­ment costs are elim­i­nated and instal­la­tion is quick and hassle-free for the sur­round­ing area. This makes the new lumi­naires par­tic­u­larly suit­able for appli­ca­tions where there is no power grid and envi­ron­ments that are sen­si­tive to inter­ven­tions – such as parks, cycle paths and hiking trails, remote bus stops or car parks, nature reserves, projects with an eco­log­i­cal role model char­ac­ter, tem­po­rary areas of use, and for munic­i­pal­i­ties that want to become cli­mate-neu­tral.

Appli­ca­tion Guide for HEI by Selux prod­ucts

Spec sheets for HEI by Selux prod­ucts:
Lukida 4000
Antares 4000
Antares 8000

Pho­tom­e­try files for HEI by Selux prod­ucts:
Lukida 4000
Antares 4000
Antares 8000

Solar Project Ques­tion­naire

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