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Now available in a Round Pole!

Introducing Arca Pro Round Pole

Tuesday 2 April 2024

Precision Lighting for Streets and Paths

Arco Pro is a sleek architectural post top luminaire, perfect for demanding lighting applications. The combination of aesthetic appeal and technical performance defines Arca Pro. Available in a round or square pole, you can configure multiple heads for pedestrian pathways, campuses, parking lots, side streets, or plazas.

Masterful Performance
Arca Pro has a minimal form that doesn’t take away from its surrounding environment. Premium quality, durable materials, maintain a clean appearance over time. Arca Pro uses the Gen5 lens, an optical advancement that allows for a full range of distributions with excellent visual comfort, improved visual guidance and precise placement of light. Unlike other optics, Gen5 is a proprietary design made of silicone.

Among the Stars While Protecting Wildlife
Arca Pro complies to DarkSky requirements, ensuring the dark sky is preserved. The luminaire is certified to minimize glare, reduce light trespass, and have zero uplight. Unnecessary light scatter is avoided using Gen5 optics recessed into the IP66 enclosure. This means that no direct light is emitted into the horizon or at shallow angles.

Arca Pro now gives you the freedom to choose a round or square pole for your project needs. The geometry of the Arca Pro housing is enhanced by the pole, which gives a modern feel. Options include one to four heads that can be mounted at varying heights with an 18 inch distance between each mount. This flexible arrangement of the luminaires gives the designer many different options for creative lighting solutions. Single or Double light engines add to the flexibility, allowing you to customize the light distributions and lumen output.

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