Wednesday 4 January 2017

Introducing Selux Lanova LED: Innovative. Comfortable. Versatile.

Selux is proud to announce the launch of a new ver­sa­tile lumi­naire —Lanova LED Cate­nary for exte­rior spaces and Lanova LED Pen­dant for inte­rior.

Lanova LED Cate­nary is an attrac­tive lumi­naire per­fect for a designer need­ing improved visual guid­ance and pur­pose­ful light free of intru­sive poles that ruin the look of open space. The Lanova cre­ates excel­lent vis­i­bil­ity and enhanced safety and secu­rity in large public areas such as parks, plazas, and campus squares. Lanova LED Pen­dant is per­fect for atri­ums, malls, or any large indoor areas where dec­o­ra­tive, but func­tional, light­ing is needed.

Both Lanova LED Cate­nary and Pen­dant allow you the design free­dom to posi­tion the light exactly where it is required with a lumi­nous focal point or a dra­matic shadow. The Lanova cre­ates the per­fect ambi­ence. A modest light during the day tran­forms to a func­tion­ing and ener­giz­ing light by night­fall.

Lanova LED Cate­nary and Pen­dant deliver a wide range of looks and opti­cal options. The two opti­cal system options include tech­ni­cal ver­sions (R1, R2, R4, R5R & R5S) and an ambi­ence ver­sion (DB). Tech­ni­cal optics con­sist of pro­pri­etar­ily designed sil­i­cone lenses that inter­act with a struc­tured reflec­tor and dif­fuse face­plate with hexa­gon pat­terned light-wells reduc­ing con­trast and increas­ing com­fort. The ambi­ence ver­sion uses a heavy dif­fuse sagged lens as the pri­mary optic to pro­vide a soft uni­form appear­ance with­out seeing the light source. These unique opti­cal sys­tems are energy effi­cient and can accom­mo­date any­thing from very tech­ni­cal light­ing appli­ca­tions to purely dec­o­ra­tive mood light­ing.

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