Selux Lanova is an attractive LED catenary luminaire perfect for a designer needing improved visual guidance and purposeful light free of intrusive poles that destroy the look of open space. Lanova LED Catenary allows you the design freedom to position the light exactly where it is required with a luminous focal point or a dramatic shadow. The Lanova creates the perfect ambience. A modest light during the day tranforms to a functioning and energizing light by nightfall. The Lanova creates excellent visibility and enhanced safety and security in large public areas such as parks, plazas, and campus squares.

Lanova LED catenary hanging systems delivers a wide range of looks and optical options. The two optical system options include technical versions (R1, R2, R4, R5R & R5S) and an ambience version (DB). Technical optics consist of proprietarily designed silicone lenses that interact with a structured reflector and diffuse faceplate with hexagon patterned light-wells reducing contrast and increasing comfort. The ambience version uses a heavy diffuse sagged lens as the primary optic to provide a soft uniform appearance without seeing the light source. These unique optical systems are energy efficient and can accommodate anything from very technical lighting applications to purely decorative mood lighting.