Light quality


We already explored what light quality means for us as a general leading thought in our work. How is this contributing to a sustainable way of offering lighting solutions?



We offer tailor made solutions that respect the unique properties of every site that needs illumination. This way we avoid wastefulness and create long-lasting solutions.



Gently illuminated spaces make us feel protected. We believe that well-being contributes to spaces becoming homes for generations, places that feel welcoming and worthy to be protected.



Light can be a source of comfort and enables safe travelling, working, or just spending time together during the later hours of the day. When light becomes an irritating factor in situations where it is not needed nor wanted, it can have negative effects on health and well-being. Sleep quality can benefit from less light polluted skies and neighborhoods.

Wildlife protection


Light influ­ences both human and animal emo­tions and behav­ior – includ­ing those of insects and gen­er­ally noc­tur­nal crea­tures such as bats, owls, and migra­tory birds. As well as the shift from day­light to dark­ness, moon­light and starlight also play an impor­tant part. Wildlife protection is one of four key themes we want to integrate in our identity.

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