In current times, humanity comes to the realization that the resources surrounding us are not endless, it is especially in our responsibility as a company to save energy, raw materials, and therefore carbon dioxide.

The actions we take in order to achieve this goal include:

Efficient and modular products


Our products are designed to be as efficient as possible and we are constantly working to improve the lm/W efficiency of our luminaires.

By offering retrofit kits in some of our luminaires, we want to encourage upgrading measures to improve both the efficiency and longevity of existing luminaires.

The right amount of light


The perfect amount and quality of light not only has an effect in regard to light emission, but is also a key factor to reduce the need for power supply. The less light emitted; the less energy will be needed. We are constantly trying to improve the efficiency of our lighting systems to follow the rule: as less as possible, but as much as needed.

If you would like to read more about the positive effects of reduced light intensities, you should read which measures we take to improve the quality of light.

Solar power


Solar luminaires generate their own energy in an environmentally friendly way - independent of existing power grids. This helps reduce the CO2 footprint of illumination. Environments that are sensitive to interventions – such as parks, cycle paths and hiking trails, remote bus stops, or nature reserves can benefit from the independency from established power systems. Municipalities that want to become climate neutral or projects with an ecological role model character can get closer to their goals by investing in this future technology.

Our luminaire families Hei Solar and Selux Solar Flat Panel offer a broad palette of usage options using solar panels directly integrated into the luminaire pole or column.

Use of renewable resources


Selux is committed to the energy transition using renewable resources. Selux has subscribed to a green electricity contract. Green electricity comes from inexhaustible sources, it is cleaner and more environmentally friendly because it emits little or no greenhouse gas at all.

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