High performance, uniformity, and style

Purelight LED is a stylish interior luminaire for designers who want to give a finishing touch to any room. Purelight brings sophisticated charm as well as 360 degrees of phenomenal light quality, high performance, and excellent uniformity. Available in surface or pendant, round and square, this light is perfect for hospitality spaces, gyms, restaurants, office spaces, and more.

Homogeneous light

As its name suggests, Purelight LED provides 360 degrees of pure light, evenly diffused and distributed thanks to an interior perforated reflector and secondary diffuser - it delivers direct and indirect light with optics that were designed specifically for homogeneous, comfortable light.


A choice of square or round tubular shape provides smooth and sophisticated lines of light. Endcaps and joiners in polished aluminum, White, or custom colors heighten the design options.

Purelight LED solves your most complex lighting challenges and is suitable for conference rooms, reception desks, and entryways, and can even be applied as task lighting in work areas as part of great interior design.


Purelight LED can be vertically or horizontally wall mounted as a sconce, or surface or cable mounted - with a choice of individual fixtures or linear runs, depending on your application needs.

Easy access to the optical chamber with a snap-on lens for simple installation or maintenance.

Adjustable suspension points are standard for cable mount fixtures, allowing flexibility in mounting locations.

My White technology creates a comfortable environment with color temperature and intensity

The Selux proprietary My White technology allows you to adjust both the intensity and color of your light, creating a comfortable environment for offices, educational facilities, hospitality, or any other installation where varying light could benefit the occupants. By adjusting the color temperatures from warm (yellow tones) to cool (more blue), you can instantly alter the dramatic effect of any space.

M36 My White can be used to highlight key elements or accentuate certain colors, to help boost productivity, or to create an atmosphere that encourages rest and relaxation.

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