Selux introduces a new column to the Line family

Line with a Twist!

Tuesday 24 October 2023

Line Twist - Maximizing coverage and adding visual interest

The Line Twist is for landscape designers in need of a slim (4-1/2 inch), modern column that has a wide distribution for increased spacing. The Line Twist is decorative in form and creates a chic environment . Choose between a 6 Cell module for asymmetric lighting or a 12 Cell module for symmetric lighting. Typical applications are parks, pedestrian paths, urban plazas, hospitality, and office complexes.

All Around Lighting
The linear optic modules fit seamlessly in the reduced design of the Line. To meet different applications, the module has an innovative micro-faceted twist reflector system with engineered light distribution to illuminate local roads, paths, squares and parks. Line Twist is elegant looking but robust with its IK10 rating. With Line Twist, you are able to illuminate separate applications from one position. Combine street and pathway lighting, symmetric or asymmetric for a well tailored application of light.

Revolutionizing the look of street lighting
Line Twist takes a fresh look at creating a luminaire by radically reducing the complexity. Integrating the optics directly into the vertical form, we eliminate the need for a housing. The discreet form brings the lighting effect and the individual character of the luminaire’s materials and surfaces to the foreground.The Line family is revolutionizing the aesthetics of site lighting by combining diverse functions and creating new clarity in the urban landscape. The Line Twist offers a choice of two light settings: 6 Cell spirals around half the column and will provide asymmetric light and 12 Cell spirals all around the column and will provide a symmetric light. Use the 6 Cell when you want a full range of light on the pathway and use 12 Cell to light all around the column.

Protecting the Night Sky
Line Twist is also available in precise reflectors that minimize scattered light and reduce light pollution. Line Black Twist modern column allows for for better uplight control to protect the night sky. Through a change in the finish of reflective surfaces, the optical space becomes more quiet and produces less uplight. Line Black Twist is inconspicuous and visually pleasing. Use Line Black Twist in spaces when the well-being of people, animals, and plants is your priority.

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