Selux M125 is a luminaire essential for those needing light for safety in interior or exterior applications. This luminaire has high-impact and ingress protection to IP65 and IK10 standards. Used individually or in runs for applications such as transportation stations, bus stops, parking garages, underpasses, and more, the M125 offers safe, efficient lighting, making it the perfect high protection luminaire for your next project.

M125 Features:

Single or double row LEDs for customized outputs

Media trunking for cable management

Various optics and shielding options

Concrete pour box for mounting in concrete surfaces

Water-tight connections in runs


A variety of mounting options

M125 mounting options include surface, recessed, and pendant. Exact cut lengths and project specific customizations are always possible!

Integrating lighting into concrete

When you need to incorporate lighting into concrete, M125 is the solution. This high impact illumination is watertight, safe, and well-protected from the elements. The M125 concrete pour option allows you to access wires after install with the removable cover plate.

Media Trunking - wire segregation all in one fixture

The M125 offers incredible design flexibility with our optional media trunking system. This provided space can be used is used to support, distribute, and organize cables for lighting circuits as well as other electrical equipment that may be used within the project - HVAC, speakers, or telecommunication wires are just a few examples. Use the media trunking space in the M125 to arrange your wires, protect them from dust or water, and keep your finished project polished and organized.

Single or double row LED boards

M125 has brand-name mid-power LEDs that create a high efficiency LED light engine. It is able to provide a lumen maintenance of 96% at 25,000 hours and 93% at 60,000 hours. M125 gives you the choice to have one light engine or two - depending on your project needs. Both light engines are at 25ºC per TM-21 reports. Reported L70 greater than 60,000 hours.

The M125 is available with single row or double row LED board. Both provide one similar thing - illumination. The choice is yours on how much illumination intensity you need for your project.

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