Why you should choose Piix™ MRC for your next interior lighting design


Piix™ MRC — When you want to bring atten­tion to the light and not the lumi­naire

Thursday 28 October 2021

For light­ing design­ers who want more flex­i­bil­ity and con­trol in their design with less glare, Selux offers the Piix™ MRC (Micro Reflec­tor Cell). With Piix™ MRC, the focus is on the light­ing rather than the fix­ture. The optics are devel­oped to be a subtle pres­ence of the over­all design for cor­po­rate, res­i­den­tial, or hos­pi­tal­ity spaces.

Subtle light that is com­fort­able
The unique reflec­tor and baffle system pro­duces subtle light that is com­fort­able. Pre­ci­sion-designed micro-faceted reflec­tors allow for the dis­tri­b­u­tion of light to be con­trolled and effi­cient. Indi­vid­ual optics are recessed within the Piix™ fix­ture, cre­at­ing dra­matic light­ing effects with­out uncom­fort­able high-angle glare. The phys­i­cal pres­ence of the lumi­naire is unob­tru­sive –you’ll only notice the light.

Con­ven­tional MCR opti­cal system
Piix™ Micro Reflec­tor Cell Tech­nol­ogy (MRC) allows for effi­cient, pre­cise light­ing with­out uncom­fort­able high-angle glare. With the light source hidden deep within the hous­ing, a ​“quiet ceil­ing” is cre­ated and the focus remains on the effect of the light within the space. This opti­cal system has higher qual­ity of light with less dis­col­orations and a pre­ci­sion through mul­ti­fac­ets in reflec­tor. Optional sec­ondary optics allow for fur­ther con­trol of the dis­tri­b­u­tion.

Opti­cal Flex­i­bil­ity and Cost Sav­ings with Inter­vals
Piix™ MRC Inter­vals offers cost-sav­ings com­pared with straight linear lumi­naires. Place 3 or 6 cell groups of Micro Reflec­tor Cells wher­ever you need them in a run, allow­ing these pre­cise dis­tri­b­u­tions to be even more exact through­out the space. Com­bine these groups of cells with the Indi­rect Dif­fuse Optic or the Indi­rect Batwing Optic of Piix™ MRC Inter­vals for addi­tional light and illu­mi­na­tion on the ceil­ing. With Piix™ Inter­vals, you save on instal­la­tion and lumi­naire cost, main­tain one con­tin­u­ous luminare and free­dom to place light what you want it, and can create beau­ti­ful light­ing within a space using direct and indirerect optics.

Piix™ MRC Linear is used to create var­i­ous shapes and con­fig­u­ra­tions to enhance and bring the archi­tec­tural envi­ron­ment to life. Piix™ MRC also allows the designer to take con­trol with an abun­dance of options. With a vari­ety of LED engines, optics, baffle fin­ishes, sec­ondary optics, lumi­naire form fac­tors, and fin­ishes, you can create the space you’ve always imag­ined.

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