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State of the art lighting technology with an iconic shape

Mistella™ has a simple geometric form that allows it to adapt to either modern or traditional architectural settings. It has everything a designer is looking for an exterior luminaire - superior photometric performance along with architectural appeal for various lighting applications. Mistella™ can be used in urban areas, along paths & walkways, parks, public spaces, or wall mounted on a facade.

Simple, geo­met­ric form
Choose from single or double arm mount along path­ways and roads or wall mounted on the facade of a build­ing. Var­i­ous arrange­ments can be used to create a con­tin­u­ous aes­thetic through­out the project. Mis­tella™ fea­tures its own sig­na­ture pole, a 4” round pole with flats on two sides, which con­tin­ues the design detail from lumi­naire arms to pole base. Choose this con­tem­po­rary option for the ulti­mate lumi­naire and pole assem­bly.

Tai­lored dis­tri­b­u­tions for any appli­ca­tion
Per­for­mance and com­fort — Mis­tella™ has what you need. Choose from three dif­fer­ent optics: Gen5, Com­fort DG, or DB1 optics. Selux Gen5 lens is an opti­cal advance­ment that allows for a full range of dis­tri­b­u­tions with excel­lent visual com­fort per­fect for any designer need­ing improved visual guid­ance and pre­cise place­ment of light. Selux Mis­tella™ with Com­fort DG optic is a white spun alu­minum corona that sur­rounds the pri­mary optics with a flat clear glass that encloses the optics in place and spreads bright­ness over a larger area. The exclu­sive char­ac­ter­is­tic of the DG optic is the abil­ity to have visu­ally com­fort­able dif­fuse light­ing with no uplight. The DB1 optic pro­vides the high­est level of visual com­fort of all the Mis­tella™ options. The heavy dif­fused bowl-shaped lens of the DB1 deliv­ers ambi­ent light­ing in such places when seeing indi­vid­ual LED optics is unde­sir­able. This optic is ideal for appli­ca­tions involv­ing pedes­trian use, inti­mate spaces using low mount­ing heights, and projects look­ing for light­ing with a softer feel.

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