Piix™ MRC and ELO Bollard


Piix™ MRC and ELO Bollard are accepted into the 2018 IES Progress Report!

Wednesday 15 August 2018

The pur­pose of the IES Progress Report is ​“to keep in touch with devel­op­ments in the art and sci­ence of light­ing through­out the world and pre­pare a yearly review of achieve­ments for the Soci­ety.”

Piix™ MRC
The latest inte­rior prod­uct inno­va­tion from Selux, the Piix™ MRC allows for pre­ci­sion light­ing with­out uncom­fort­able high-angle glare. With the light source hidden within the hous­ing, a quiet ceil­ing is cre­ated and the focus remains on the space.

With three dis­tri­b­u­tions, optional sec­ondary optics, and mul­ti­ple light out­puts, Piix™ MRC can meet the light­ing require­ments of any space.

ELO Bol­lard
As part of the ELO family, the bol­lard uses a high effi­cacy LED refrac­tor system. With up to 107 lumens per watt, ELO helps bring effi­cient, com­fort­able light to your space.

The bol­lard, column, and wall mount use the scal­able Tritec light module — an indi­rect light source that pro­vides com­fort­able ver­ti­cal illu­mi­na­tion. Com­bin­ing the LEDs with a pris­matic ring lens and a hexag­o­nal-pat­terned reflec­tor cone pro­vides max­i­mum glare con­trol and a unique appear­ance.

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