Selux M-LED


New Optics for MLED, Plus 90 CRI and Regressed Mounting

Thursday 2 June 2016

The Selux M-LED product range is a versatile linear product family, which allows you to achieve your design needs to the finest detail. The popular M36 optical offering is being expanded even further, and the Microprism option is now available for the M60, M100, and M130.

M36 Louvers, Drop Lens, and Light Up Lens

Adding louvers to the M36 allows for glare control and illumination of the task area. Offering two different diffusers behind the louver allows the choice of higher efficiency or complete diffusion of the LEDs.

With both the Drop Lens and Light Up Lens, M36 extends the light beyond the housing, with a clean illuminated line for either Direct or Indirect lighting. When used in a recessed fixture, these lenses allow light to brighten ceiling spaces, and create an illuminated line below the ceiling plane.

M60, M100, M130 Microprism Lens

A more efficient lens, the Microprism optic allows more focused lighting with a comfortable illuminated surface. The microprismatic pattern diffuses the light, and cuts down on glare, offering a controlled light pattern.

90 CRI

With the focus on quality lighting, Selux has added 90 CRI as an option for all M-LED monochromatic fixtures. Allowing for higher color accuracy, 90 CRI renders colors more accurately, and ensures M-LED can be used in residential installations while meeting CA Title 24 requirements. Due to the high TM-30 rendering values (96 Ra, 92 Rf, 103 Rg, 88 R9, and 100 Rf,skin based on 3500K), the M-LED with 90 CRI can be used in any application where color quality is critical.

Regressed Housings

The entire M-LED range is now available with Regressed Housings. Using any of the flush optical choices, you can enhance your space and reduce the visible illumination of the lens by selecting the Regressed Housing. The optic is regressed into the housing by 1”, allowing for a comfortable cutoff.
Whichever M-LED optic you select for your installation, it is sure to draw attention to your space and design.

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