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Expanding the Lighting Toolbox

M36 Combo

Modularity, Controlability, and Efficiency

Tuesday 30 April 2024

Selux M36 Combo allows you to combine and arrange lighting to suit your spatial demands. M36 Combo layers lighting by using slim linear lighting, a louver, and/or a mini adjustable spotlight to create visual interest. This luminaire utilizes the same optics as our popular M36 family, opening a wide range of possibilities. Choose M36 Combo when you're in need of modularity, controllability, and efficiency. Use for interior applications such as commercial and retail spaces, galleries, museums, schools, offices, and hospitality. 

Expanding the Toobox

The slim M36 Combo can bring excitement to any project. This luminaire utilizes the same LMO optics for our current M36 family and can be configured at any length. The mini spotlights can be arranged in sections where accent lighting is needed to highlight elements. Use a choice of single, double, or triple mini spots together with the ability to aim the spotlight where you want. These mini spots can be used as fixed downlights or adjustable accents. The adjustable mini spot is easy to aim and can be rotated 304º in field. This flexible family is available with various mounting options - pendant, surface, wall, or recessed. The housing, louver, and mini spots are available in a standard black or white finish and can be mixed and matched for added customization.

A Combo of Power and Efficiency

With a slim form factor optimized for LED technology, M36 Combo brings new capabilities. Using a proprietary LED optical system - the Selux proprietary Light Modulation Optics (LMO) lenses are extruded acrylic, creating precise distributions. With M36 Combo you have the choice of seeing a slim line of light or creating a subtle feeling of light. The louver is available in standard white or black finish and infuses an extra sense of ambiance and lightness into the room. The mini spotlights have an option to add a snoot that fits over the spotlight for added control to the direction and radius of the light beam, and a hex louver to reduce glare from the light source for added comfort.

Incredible Design Flexibility

The M36 Combo offers design flexibility with unlit L, T, and X sections. Configure and use lighting concepts that align with your architectural layouts. Combine with the standard M36 for even more freedom and customization. For a visually larger space, incorporate indirect lighting into the M36 Combo to reduce shadows and balance the overall ambient lighting in the spatial environment. A various amount of dimming options and sensors lets you allow for greater control with these new lighting opportunities.

Learn all about the M36 Combo here

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