Exelia LED Column


Introducing Exelia LED Column: Simple. Durable. Efficient.

Thursday 18 May 2017

A visually comfortable and energy efficient pedestrian pathway luminaire, perfect for a designer in need of a column with no uplight. Whether you are illuminating pathways, courtyards, entrances or parks, our pedestrian pathway luminaire, Exelia LED provides comfort and security, while adding to the beautiful landscape.

Energy Efficient - Dark Sky Friendly
With Exelia LED, you can now enjoy high-performing, energy-saving LED technology without worrying about harsh glare, which can be distracting or visually disabling. In addition to this high level of optical control, Exelia LED column has zero uplight – reducing any overspill or upward light. This column is perfectly suited for parks, walkways, and courtyards.

Proprietary Optical Design
Exelia LED uses the new GEN 5 technology. The Gen 5 lens is a proprietary optical design made of silicone – a newer material option for LED optics. Long lasting and durable, it won’t yellow, crack or break over time. Silicone allows for more complex lens designs, it is also a suitable electrical barrier for Class 1 wiring, eliminating the need for additional parts. The lenses interface with a patterned lens holder and reflector system creating an area of intermittent brightness. The new Selux distributions include Type I, II, III, IV and V Round and V Square, an increased lumen output up to 98.7lm/W - which provides a visual experience unique to Selux.

Form and Function
Exelia LED has power Levels between 33W and 126W provides a lumen package greater than 150W HID. The sealed optical chamber is IP65 and IK10 rated. The top cap is designed for superior themal performance even in high ambient temperatures. The star-shaped heat sink creates a ‘chimney effect’ that allows an adequate heat dissipation without any other air movement around the column. Exelia LED has a high efficacy up to 98.7 lm/W and offers an extremely high lifetime with calculated Lumen Maintenance at 94.93% at 50,000hrs at 113F/45C ambient temperature.

The Exelia LED Column can gracefully blend into any modern or traditional setting and enhance the space through quality lighting.

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