Some call us a global enterprise.
We call it a family business.

Innovation from the Very Start

“Semper lux” – always light. When Hermann Bansbach started his company in Berlin in 1948, the city still lay in ruins, with hardly any electricity or light. Hermann Bansbach brought light into this dark time by brightening up the lives of Berliners with simple, affordable, battery-powered lamps. He believed that light had a social and cultural significance that went far beyond doing business and making a profit. That mindset is still alive today. We too experience the fascination of adding quality to people’s lives through sophisticated lighting concepts. That is how Semperlux became Selux – and how a craftman’s shop in Berlin turned into a global company with 500 employees in Europe, North America, and Australia. Today the company generates over 80 % of its revenues outside of Germany.

Selux offers a comprehensive range of high quality luminaires. Innovative fixtures designed to help architects and lighting professionals create exceptional interior and exterior spaces to live and work.

The Evolution.

Lines of Light

The original linear luminaire was made by Selux. In the 1970s, our straight-line profile lamp was a stunning innovation; for the first time, light could be sold by the meter. Whether straight-line or mitered, it is available in any length,and for any type of building. Even today we continue to perfect the philosophy of custom lighting components

Going beyond trends and technology:

Our Innovations

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