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HVB Tower Munich
Munich, Germany

  • project HVB Tower Munich
  • client Bauer Elektroanlagen Süd, Buchbach
  • architect Henn Architekten, Munich
  • lighting designer Schmidt König Lichtplaner, Munich
  • photographer Hans-Georg Esch

With its futur­is­tic façade, the 114 meter high HVB Tower at the Ara­bel­la­park has formed part of the Munich sky­line since 1981. This head­quar­ters of the HypoVere­ins­bank, which was assigned the status of a listed build­ing in 2006, has now been exten­sively mod­ern­ized accord­ing to plans by Henn archi­tects. Besides energy aspects, the office com­plex itself has also been spruced up so that this sus­tain­able green build­ing with its flex­i­ble office land­scapes is now fully geared for the smart work age.

When it came to upgrad­ing most of the light­ing tech­nol­ogy on the 140,000 square metre gross floor space, Selux turned to M36 lumi­naire to real­ize the light plan­ners’ LED light­ing con­cept. An asym­met­ri­cal Light Mod­u­la­tion Optic (LMO) by Selux has been installed in the 36 mm narrow pro­file to enable par­tic­u­larly asym­met­ri­cal light dis­tri­b­u­tion – despite the low dis­tance between wall and lumi­naire. The linear light fix­tures cast a pleas­ant uni­form light through­out the cor­ri­dors, with the light con­cept allow­ing both for LED light­ing that is day­light-depen­dent but at the same time indi­vid­u­ally con­trol­lable. M36 light lines have been inserted into the under­side of the stair stringers too, pro­vid­ing an opti­mal set­ting for the steps below, the indi­rect light also ensur­ing safe foot­ing. The light line is con­tin­ued in the san­i­tary areas too — above the mir­rors, inte­grated M36 lumi­naires ensure homo­ge­neous illu­mi­na­tion. And the pres­ti­gious nature of the 24th floor – the exec­u­tive floor of the bank – is empha­sized by means of light too, with spe­cial LMO Wall­washer optics ensur­ing max­i­mum light­ing uni­for­mity.

  • M36 LED is constructed from 1-7/16” (37mm) wide extruded low copper aluminum housing and die cast endcaps · Exact cut lengths, lit corners, and project-specific Configurations may be specified · Impact-resistant lenses offer controlled lighting, protect against dust, and ensure high luminaire efficiency · Modular design allows for easy access to optical chamber · Available with LED Optimized White acrylic lens (Flush, 37mm Drop, or 6mm Light Up), Clear lens with Microprism inlay, Symmetric LMO lens, 5° Asymmetric LMO lens, 20° Asymmetric LMO lens, Batwing LMO, and Comfort Louver with a variety of finishes. Selux offers multiple LED options including LEDs in static 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, or 4000K CCTs at 80+ and 90+ CRI, My White tunable white in 2700K - 6500K at 90+ CRI, BIOS SkyBlue® Technology at 83+ CRI, and RGBW. All LED options are within a 3-step MacAdam ellipse. Custom lumen outputs are also available upon request. M36 LED Regressed lighting offers the advantages a hidden light source and energy efficiency · Regressed lighting attractively fits into any kind of ceiling and can be applied for commercial, retail, and various other applications to transform general lighting into something special.
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