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Alder Hey Children‘s Hospital
Liverpool, Great Britain

  • project Alder Hey Children‘s Hospital
  • buyer Alder Hey Children's NHS Foundation Trust
  • architect BDP, Manchester
  • lighting designer BDP, Manchester
  • photographer David Barbour

By chil­dren for chil­dren. The con­struc­tion con­cept for the Alder Hey Children‘s Hos­pi­tal in Liv­er­pool was devel­oped fol­low­ing inten­sive exchanges with chil­dren. As a result the wish for greater close­ness to nature was taken into account. The new build­ing is har­mo­niously incor­po­rated into the land­scape of Spring­field Park and delib­er­ately empha­sizes nat­ural ele­ments: wooden mate­ri­als, lively day­light, and shapes inspired by nature. Numer­ous design ele­ments with a play­ful char­ac­ter will help young patients over­come their fear of hos­pi­tals.

Bear­ing in mind that light is hugely impor­tant for human well-being and con­va­les­cence, much empha­sis was placed on nat­ural light guid­ance in the high-tech hos­pi­tal. A large number of day­light rooms with large window fronts were installed to create a feel­ing of well-being and pro­vide a pic­turesque view of the park. The light from the Selux lumi­naires assists the day­light wher­ever this dwin­dles.

The organic Olivio lumi­naires blend har­mo­niously into the design of the com­mu­nal areas (lobby, atria) while here the sub­ject of the park is con­tin­ued delib­er­ately too, with the Olivio Sis­tema lumi­naires merg­ing together to form a curved alley­way and bestow­ing light on the café below and its invit­ing seats. The park theme ensures a casual and relaxed atmos­phere inside the build­ing facil­ity.

  • Olivio is an impressive, highly efficient lighting concept for urban living environments. The versatility of this product family enables individual design solutions to create functional and atmospheric lighting. Three luminaire sizes (Grande, Medio, and Piccolo) are combined with the extremely flexible Universal Mount design. Olivio is available as a Bollard, or Universal, Candelabra, Sistema, Sistema 2, and Floracion mountings — ensuring versatility with a cohesive look. Olivio Grande is available with an RGBW light engine or a Gobo projector, allowing for further customization choices for your project. Olivio Medio is also available as a Solar solution, expanding its usage to remote, off-grid locations.
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