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Westwood Maintenance Building and Field House
Washington, NJ

  • project Westwood Maintenance Building and Field House
  • client Westwood Regional School District
  • architect FKA Architects
  • representation ILA Lighting & Controls

This unique project com­bined two of the West­wood Regional School District’s needs into one build­ing. The build­ing was designed as two halves — a main­te­nance build­ing and a field house. The open space around the build­ing incor­po­rates a new drop-off zone for arriv­ing ath­letes and a plaza area for team and spec­ta­tor con­gre­ga­tion.

The Main­te­nance Build­ing side faces the rear of the school and incor­po­rated four double-deep equip­ment bays with an over­hang for land­scape equip­ment. This side also includes the Direc­tor of Build­ing and Grounds office, a locker and break room, restrooms, stor­age rooms, and work rooms. An abun­dance of nat­ural light is pro­vided into the main garage bay via a translu­cent panel system.

The Field House side of the build­ing faces the track and field and includes a con­ces­sion area, restrooms for ath­letic facil­ity, a team and coach­ing room, and a secure, tem­per­a­ture-con­trolled stor­age facil­ity for High School sports teams’ ath­letic equip­ment.

The Selux M60 LED Wet Loca­tion was chosen for the canopy of this build­ing. The fix­tures need to with­stand tem­per­a­ture changes, inclement weather, and pro­vide safe, com­fort­able light­ing levels. The M60 LED Wet Loca­tion fix­tures are able to meet the chal­lenge, all while keep­ing bugs and water out with the unique gas­ket­ing system.

  • M60 LED is constructed from 2-3/8” (60mm) wide extruded low copper aluminum housing and die cast endcaps · Exact cut lengths, lit corners, and project-specific Configurations may be specified · Impact-resistant lenses offer controlled lighting, protect against dust, and ensure high luminaire efficiency · Modular design allows for easy access to optical chamber · Available with LED Optimized White acrylic lens, Clear lens with Microprism inlay, or (Direct only) Symmetric LMO lens, 5° Asymmetric LMO lens, 20° Asymmetric LMO lens, and Batwing LMO. Selux offers multiple LED options including LEDs in static 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, or 4000K CCTs at 80+ and 90+ CRI, My White tunable white in 2700K - 6500K at 90+ CRI, BIOS SkyBlue® Technology at 83+ CRI, and RGBW. All LED options are within a 3-step MacAdam ellipse. Custom lumen outputs are also available upon request. M60 LED Regressed lighting offers the advantages a hidden light source and energy efficiency · Regressed lighting attractively fits into any kind of ceiling and can be applied for commercial, retail, and various other applications to transform general lighting into something special. Selux M60 LED Wet Location is a durable luminaire for lighting designers and architects who are looking for a fixture that can withstand the unfavorable elements in the environment, while maintaining its high performance and continuous lines of light.
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