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801 Grand Plaza Renovation
Des Moines, Iowa

  • client 801 Grand Plaza Renovation
  • landscape architect Confluence
  • photographer © Elizabeth Carrie Photography

801 Grand Plaza is Iowa’s tallest build­ing and home to numer­ous busi­nesses. More than 20 years after the orig­i­nal con­struc­tion, the plaza required a ren­o­va­tion. Sur­round­ing this 44-story build­ing is a 31,000sq foot plaza and out­door ter­race. The Selux MTR Square was chosen for the streetscape, which was con­tin­ued for sev­eral blocks in an effort to pro­vide a visual con­nec­tion between Gate­way West and the 801 block.

  • The MTR is a family of diffuse exterior luminaires that includes Round and Square Columns and Bollards. The MTR refractor optic incorporates the light-bending properties of a prism, directing the light precisely where you need it most, with minimum intensity at planar viewing angles. The MTR bollards are installed below or near to eye level in environments where minimizing glare is especially important such as car parks or pedestrian walkways. They mark out entrance areas and paths, act as a means of orientation, and at the same time can help to structure a space. This is cleverly achieved through their unique design, using MTR refractors which reduce glare and enhance visual comfort, while also reflecting a small amount of light upward, providing torso illumination for recognition and depth perception and enhancing the sense of security and visual comfort.
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