Monday 27 June 2022

Purelight - A pure family of light

High per­for­mance, uni­for­mity, and style

Selux Pure­light LED is a styl­ish inte­rior lumi­naire for design­ers who want to give that fin­ish­ing touch to a room. Pure­light brings sophis­ti­cated charm as well as 360 degrees of phe­nom­e­nal light qual­ity, high per­for­mance, and excel­lent uni­for­mity. Avail­able in sur­face or pen­dant, round and square, this light is per­fect for hos­pi­tal­ity, gyms, restau­rants, and office spaces.

Homo­ge­neous Light
As its name sug­gests, Pure­light LED pro­vides 360 degrees of pure light evenly dif­fused due to an inte­rior per­fo­rated reflec­tor and sec­ondary dif­fuser. Pure­light LED deliv­ers direct and indi­rect light with optics that were designed specif­i­cally for homo­ge­neous light.

Min­i­mal­is­tic Design
A choice of square or round tubu­lar shape pro­vides smooth and sophis­ti­cated lines of light. End caps and join­ers in pol­ished alumi- num, white, or custom colors heighten the design. Pure­light LED solves your most com­plex light­ing chal­lenges and is suit­able for con­fer­ence rooms, recep­tion desks, and entry­ways can be applied as task light­ing in work areas as part of great inte­rior design.

Selux Pure­light LED can be wall mounted as a sconce, ver­ti­cally or hor­i­zon­tally, in addi­tion to sur­face or cable pen­dant mounted with a choice of linear runs, depend­ing on your appli­ca­tion needs. Easy instal­la­tion and access to the opti­cal cham­ber with a snap-on lens. Adjustable sus­pen­sion points stan­dard for cable mount.

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