Monday 1 July 2019

Mistella™ - Geometric shape and wide range of distributions

Mis­tella™ has a simple geo­met­ric form that allows it to adapt to either modern or tra­di­tional set­tings. It has every­thing a designer is look­ing for — supe­rior per­for­mance along with archi­tec­tural appeal.

Mis­tella™ offers ten stan­dard dis­tri­b­u­tions — 8 Gen5 opti­cal dis­tri­b­u­tions, a Dif­fuse Flat Glass, and a Dif­fuse Bowl. This range includes an indus­try-first Type III Wide, which allows you to use 1 fix­ture to uni­formly light road­way and pedes­trian path­ways at the same time. By keep­ing the ver­ti­cal max­i­mum inten­sity angle below 69°, Gen5 optics min­i­mize bright­ness at crit­i­cal view­ing angles. In addi­tion, Gen5 spreads bright­ness between LEDs reduc­ing con­trast and increas­ing the qual­ity of the visual expe­ri­ence. Gen5 offers an optional dis­crete field-instal­lable house side shield that clips directly to the lens, block­ing light at the source. Using Gen5 optics, Mis­tella™ helps pre­serve the night sky by elim­i­nat­ing light pol­lu­tion with zero uplight.

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