"Semper lux"

Semper lux” – always light. When Her­mann Bans­bach started his com­pany in Berlin in 1948, the city still lay in ruins, with hardly any elec­tric­ity or light. Her­mann Bans­bach brought light into this dark time by bright­en­ing up the lives of Berlin­ers with a simple, afford­able bat­tery lamp. He believed that light had a social and cul­tural sig­nif­i­cance that went far beyond doing busi­ness and making a profit. That mind­set is still alive today. We also find it fas­ci­nat­ing how we can add to the qual­ity of people’s lives through sophis­ti­cated light­ing con­cepts. That is how Sem­per­lux became Selux – and how a craftman’s shop in Berlin turned into a global com­pany with 500 employ­ees in Europe, North Amer­ica, and Aus­tralia. Today the com­pany gen­er­ates over 80 % of its rev­enues out­side of Ger­many.

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