Development Selux Cross Beam technology. Efficient light guidance for outdoor areas

The goal of this devel­op­ment was to design sus­tain­able, high-qual­ity light tools for sophis­ti­cated out­door light­ing tasks. For this, a new type of optics system was devel­oped, which has since been reg­is­tered as a patent. Selux Cross Beam Tech­nol­ogy (CBT) ensures homoge­nous light­ing of traf­fic areas or squares by means of pre­cise LED light guid­ance. The com­bi­na­tion of large, freeform reflec­tor sur­faces and pre­cisely aligned LED clus­ters ensures a high degree of opti­cal effi­ciency. The inclin­ing LEDs in the main direc­tion of light ensure opti­mal usage of the direct light por­tion. Selux Cross Beam tech­nol­ogy cre­ates har­mo­nious bright­ness tran­si­tions for opti­mal vis­i­bil­ity and a unique appear­ance.

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