Development LMO technology. Innovative light guidance for interior areas

Selux has devel­oped a spe­cial form of light guid­ance for the new M36 system, known as Light Mod­u­lat­ing Optics (LMO-Tech­nol­ogy). These satin-finish optics made from solid pro­files enable supe­rior pre­ci­sion light guid­ance and ensure a uni­form appear­ance of the light exit area. The pre­ci­sion cross sec­tions are designed for a wide range of light­ing tasks and guar­an­tee max­i­mum effi­ciency. With LMO wall­wash­ers, min­i­mal dis­tances can be obtained between wall and lumi­naire with extremely high levels of uni­for­mity at the same time. A light dis­tance of just 0.4 m is required for light­ing up a 3m high wall for instance. Require­ments for suit­able office light­ing are catered for by the use of a minilou­vre, which has been spe­cially devel­oped for LEDs. M36

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