Ouray™ - Gen 5

Ouray™ builds on the technology of Gen 5, a proprietary LED light engine and optical system. Precision and customizable light distributions put the majority of light right on task.

Further control can be added through the use of discrete house side shields, diffusion films, a spread lens, or colored films.

Ouray™ Family

Three sizes and a variety of outputs provide a full range of choices for your lighting plan.

Combine multiple sizes and distributions on one pole to completely cover your intended site while minimizing pole locations.

Application Efficiency

Light where you need it - the Ouray™ optics provide efficient, precise lighting. Using a combination of distributions from the Gen 5 optical system allows a site to be well lit, with minimal spill light and overlap. This all adds up to an efficient, uniform application of light.


Mounting bracket options designed for nearly any installation type. Round or Square poles, wall mount for recessed or surface wiring, slip fitter for retrofits, custom configurations with Selux Sistema mounting. 


Mountings for Wall or Existing Arms

Slip Fitter (S), Wall Mount (W), and Decorative Wall Box (WD) arms can be used for mounting to a wall or other surface.

Combine any of these mountings with the adjustable arms (AT or AS) for a wider range of mounting positions.

Mountings for Poles

Singe Short Arm (S1), Double Short Arm (S2), Single Pole Adapter (SA), Single Long Arm (L1), or Double Long Arm (L2) mountings are used for pole-top mounting.

Combine any of these mountings with the adjustable arms (AT or AS) for added flexibility.

Mountings for Adjustable Tilt/Swivel

Adjustable Tilt (TA) or Adjustable Swivel (AS) arms can be combined with many other mounting arms for added flexibility.

With Swivel or Tilt +/- 90º in 2.5º increments, precise aiming is possible.

The adjustable arm is located between the fixture head and the fixed mounting method.

Mountings for Sistema Round or Square Poles

The Short Pole Bracket (SB) or Square Pole Bracket (SQ) are used to mount fixtures to Round or Square poles. These brackets are designed to minimize protrusion from the pole, while making installation easy.


With extensive mounting options, Ouray™ is ready to adapt to any situation. An advanced technical arm provides full 90º tilt in one position or 180º of swivel in the other.

Installation for Sistema Mounting

Selux Sistema mounting for Round or Square poles allows designers the ability to specify the height and orientation of up to four luminaires in a single configuration. Threaded inserts preinstalled in pole make installation clean and easy.

Ease of Installation

Luminaire comes with the mounting bracket preinstalled. Simply feed the power cable through the hole provided in the pole. Then use an 8mm hex key to fasten the two bolts into the threaded inserts in the pole.


Extruded aluminum latch provides tool-less entry to LED board and driver. Captive hardware for field service-friendly removal of LED driver. LED board can be replaced independently of the optical components and other electrical parts.

Environment and Materials

• Housing made from low copper marine-  grade aluminum

• Tiger Drylac certified powder coat finish

• Stainless steel hardware

• UV resistant one-piece silicone gasket

• IP65

• IK10 impact-resistance rating

• Low EPA for high wind speed areas

• Suitable for ambient temperatures of -40ºC to +45ºC

Smart City

Well-suited for smart city design - Ouray™ provides efficient lighting with smart capabilities. Dimming and integral sensors allow complete functionality of your installation.

• 0-10V dimming driver as standard

• Pole-mounted or integral motion sensor can provide on/off or hi-low functionality

• Photocell control provided through basic 3-pin twist-lock device

• For advanced control, a 7-pin twist-lock photocell is available

Exterior Finishes

Choose one of the Selux standard finishes to coordinate the luminaire with the site design - White (WH), Black (BK), Semi-Matte Black (BL), Silver (SV), or Bronze (BZ).

For a unique look, you can choose from hundreds of premium finishes (SP) for a modest project upcharge. 

Service and Warranty

Selux stands behind the quality of the Ouray™ product line and offers a 5 year limited warranty on all LED products. We welcome you to contact us directly or visit us online to learn more about how we can support the freedom and interpretation of your designs.