Versatility of function
and design

Maximum scope for design

Olivio enables planners to create impressive schemes that are in harmony with the surrounding environment using individual, self-configured luminaire forms.

Three luminaire sizes

Piccolo / Medio / Grande

Light distribution

Rotation-symmetrical (LED and HID) and asymmetrical optics (HID) for       

  • horizontal and vertical lighting tasks      
  • roads and pathways

Technical information


Show overview

Service and warranty


  • Selux LED luminaire offers a 5 year warranty for the LED light engine and driver. All Selux products carry a 3 year warranty on finish and function.
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  •  luminaire heads can be arranged around the pole's axis between 0° and 360° and at one or various staggered intervals
  • two types of brackets

Olivio Sistema

Tom Hanfan River’s Edge Park
Council Bluffs, Iowa

Architect: Sasaki Associates
Lighting Designer: Horton Lees Brogden Lighting Design ; Visual Terrain, Inc.
Photography: Tom Kessler Photography

Olivio Sistema

Old Harbor of Marseille, France

Architect: Foster and Partners / Tangram Architects
Lighting Designer: Yann Kersalé – AIK
Photography: Xavier Boymond

Olivio Sistema

Yeouido Swimming Pool
Seoul, South Korea

Lighting Designer: Nanji and Yeouido by Yeon So Lee, ULP (Urban Lighting-Design Partnership Co., Ltd.)
Photography: Honik Lee

Design line Candelabra

  • 1-fold
  • 2-fold (120° and 180°)
  • 3-fold

Olivio Candelabra

Museum of Historical Maybach Vehicles 
Neumarkt, Germany 

Olivio Universal

Second Street
Louisville, Kentucky

Architect: John Carmen Landscape Architecture 
Lighting Designer: Leni Schwendinger Light Projects LTD

Olivio Bollard

Les Thermes
Strassen, Luxembourg

Architect: Hermann & Valentiny et Associés, Jim Clemes, Witry & Witry
Photography: Courtesy of Ulrike Brandi Licht

Individual Solution

Individual solution with wooden pole

Puerto Vallarta Malecon Walkway

 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Architect: West 8 Urban Design and Landscape
Lighting Designer: 333 Luxes
Product: Olivio Candelabra