My White

  • enables human-centric lighting
  • helps optically zone architecture
  • creates perceptual hierarchies
  • emphasizes key elements
  • highlights materials and features

Digitally Controllable

Selux My White gives you the ability to control light within a color temperature range of 2700K to 6500K, allowing flexible variables in design and surroundings.

Understanding Human Centric Lighting

Circadian Rhythms in Humans

  • Our bodies have natural clocks
    which regulate rest, healing, and emotions
  • Disruption of circadian rhythms can have negative health consequences
  • Modern life leads to the disruption of circadian rhythms which can increase chances of seasonal depression, jet lag, and work shift changes

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Cool White Light

  • Increase productivity & concentration
  • Highlight key elements/accentuate colors
  • Color similiar to natural daylight 

Warm White Light

  • Creating an atmosphere of rest and relaxation
  • Accentuate colors
  • Yellow/orange tone similar to a sunset

A Variety of Applications

 Hospital Rooms/Medical Facility

  • M36 LED My White
  • Recessed, Asymmetric and Direct lighting 
  • In healthcare spaces, use cool crisp light for medical examinations
  • Use a more comfortable, warm light for the patient environment to encourage rest and healing

A Variety of Applications


  • M60 LED My White
  • Surface Mount Direct
  • Use warm colors to create a calming atmosphere and cool colors to engage
  • Can improve mental health and productivity

A Variety of Applications


  • M100 LED My White Direct/Indirect
  • Pendant
  • Use to highlight key elements and accentuate color
  • Cooler lights work well for glassware and gems as they enhance the overall luster of the product
  • Allows flexibility in the lighting design to meet the seasonal change of merchandise


Our most popular system, M-Series LED, now available in My White

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LMO System for
M36 My White

M36 Light Modulation Optics (LMO) are available with My White

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M36 My White 

  • Winner of the 2015 Product Innovation Award 
  • Winner of the 2015 NGL SSL Lighting Design Competition for Outstanding for Serviceability

and warranty

Selux stands behind the quality of the My White product line and offers a 5 year limited warranty on all LED products. We welcome you to contact us directly or visit us online to learn more about how we can support the freedom and interpretation of your designs.